Connectis warns: “Don't delay getting or upgrading your eHerkenning token”

Published on: June 24 2019


‘Indispensable soon. Available now.’ A major one-year media campaign has been launched by the Dutch government to promote awareness and use of eHerkenning, and to encourage people to get tokens. The campaign has been welcomed by Jeroen de Bruijn, Commercial Director at Connectis. “In business, eHerkenning is now an absolute must.”


Key to government services

For enterprises, employees and agents, eHerkenning is the key to digital services provided by governmental and private organisations. More than four hundred service providers now accept eHerkenning. And the number is growing quickly. Last year, for example, the Employee Insurance Scheme Executive Body (UWV) joined the eHerkenning roll call. The Dutch tax service, the Chamber of Commerce, the Education Executive Agency (DUO) and various pension funds also enable clients to log in with eHerkenning.


eHerkenning is already used for seven million logins a year. Users see it as a secure way of accessing online services. “For both business-government interaction and business-business interaction, it’s therefore a good alternative to logging in with a traditional user name-password combination,” says de Bruijn. In a survey by Connectis and SIDN, more than half of respondents reported using eHerkenning on a daily basis. “Whereas only a small minority think that logging in with a user name and password is secure.”

Apply soon

According to de Bruijn, enterprises, employees and agents will soon have no choice: eHerkenning will be the norm. From 1 November 2019, it won’t possible to log in to the UWV employers’ portal without eHerkenning, for example. “You won’t be able to log in with a user name and password to record employees as off sick or back at work.” De Bruijn expects other government organisations to follow suit before long, by making eHerkenning mandatory for access to their services.


He therefore advises against delaying the acquisition of an eHerkenning token. “At busy times, when token applications peak, you may have to wait some time to get a token. And 1 November is closer than you think. I would also advise requesting a token with a high assurance level right from the get go. By ‘high’, I mean level 3 or above.” The reason being that government portals where level-2 or level-2+ eHerkenning assurance is currently required are in the process of going over to EH3. “It therefore makes sense for new applicants to go straight for level 3, and for existing eHerkenning token-holders to upgrade to EH3.”

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