On January the 1st, SIDN – the company behind all .nl domain names – acquired a majority stake in Connectis. Connectis is one of the Netherlands’ biggest suppliers of secure log-in solutions, processing millions of log-in transactions a year. The Connectis-SIDN link-up represents a big boost for the digital identities market.

It opens the way for Connectis to realise its growth ambitions and build towards a future of secure log-ins and reusable digital identities. The acquisition also means that SIDN immediately becomes an important player on the digital identities market. Connectis’s services dovetail neatly with SIDN’s ambition to make digital living easier and safer for everyone.

“More than twelve million Dutch people use the Connectis infrastructure to log in to upwards of 250 service providers, including large health and non-health insurers, publishers, local governments and central government departments. The highly skilled Connectis team has developed an innovative SaaS platform for secure log-ins, single sign-ons, authorisation, mobile authentication and interfacing with existing log-in systems, such as DigiD, eHerkenning, iDIN (bank IDs) and eIDAS. In eIDAS, Connectis also offers the first independent pan-European solution for secure on-line identification.

Martijn Kaag, CEO Connectis:

“People and enterprises want secure access to information, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using, but they also need to have confidence that their data is in reliable hands. By joining forces with an independent, professional organisation like SIDN, we can benefit from their infrastructure and all their experience and expertise in the field of security. That will enable us to develop solutions tailored even better to the requirements of the Dutch and European internet communities.”

In recent years, SIDN has invested a great deal of time and energy in optimising the services linked to .nl. The .nl domain has become one of the biggest and most secure internet domains in the world. A satisfaction survey undertaken in the autumn showed that .nl registrars are very pleased with the systems and support provided by SIDN.

Roelof Meijer, CEO SIDN:

“The .nl domain is very big in the Netherlands and an important feature of everyone’s personal and professional lives. SIDN is an expert organisation and an influential player in the Dutch and international internet sectors. Our unique position as an independent, professional organisation can reinforce the Connectis service portfolio. Not only because of our expertise, but also because of our strong focus on quality, reliability and real added value.”

SIDN has acquired a 65 per cent majority holding in Connectis. Connectis will continue to operate as a separate company and its products and strategy will remain unchanged. The alliance is seen mainly as an excellent way to reinforce the service portfolio. It is an opportunity for Connectis to increase the momentum of its mission: to provide people and organisations with secure and effortless digital connections.

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