By September 2018 the European legislation 910/2014 will take effect. It allows all European citizens and businesses to use their own national eID in the other European countries. That of course makes life a lot easier.

Public services, such as applying for a birth certificate or parking permit will become digitally accessible to Europeans residing in the Netherlands. Think of expats, seasonal workers, students, etc. Instead of applying for a Dutch DigiD they can log in directly using their own familiar eID.

Connectis is working with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on an advanced network of connections between more than 100 Dutch municipalities and the available European eIDs. In 2016 we have connected the first six municipalities: Almelo, Heemskerk, Katwijk, Uitgeest, Voorschoten and Wassenaar.

But of course it is not finished yet. Other nation public services will be accessible to the European eIDs. And this will also be the case in the other European countries. That means that you – as a Dutch citizen – will soon be able to log in to other European countries with your own DigiD too.

So, the next year and a half a lot has to be developed. Therefore we offer you a simple explanation in 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Do you still have questions after seeing this animation? Please visits our special project website.