Is your organisation ready for eIDAS?

From 29 September 2018, public and semi-public organisations are obliged to enable all European citizens and enterprises to access their online services. More information

eIDAS, the pan-European login system

From 29 September 2018, all organisations delivering public services via the internet must provide universal online access for European citizens and enterprises

With the eIDAS project, the European Commission is seeking to make public services, such as issuing birth certificates or parking permits, accessible on line for the citizens of other EU member states.

So, for example, it’ll be easier for foreign students, expats, seasonal workers and others living in the Netherlands to make use of local public services. Instead of having to apply for a Dutch DigiD, they’ll simply be able to log in using their own country’s eID.

As well as private citizens, eIDAS is designed to make life easier for enterprises. With eIDAS, cross-border services can be delivered on line more conveniently and more securely. That means improved access to e-commerce, financial services (banking and insurance), health care, telecom services and more.

However, eIDAS is not only meant for citizens; companies can also benefit. Offering cross-border online services using eID increases user-friendliness and the online safety of services such as e-commerce, financial retail (banking and insurance), healthcare and services offered by the telecom sector.

Connecting to the eIDAS-netwerk

Connectis provides the tools for connecting your organisation to the eIDAS network, so that all European residents have access to your services in September 2018.

To help you on your way, we’ve produced a webcast for the European Commission, explaining what eIDAS is and how you can connect to the eIDAS network. Starting now will give you the time to fully prepare your systems and your organisation. ​

EU statistics

Did you know that 52 percent of the Europeans access public services via internet?

510 million

Potential users in Europe


European businesses connected to the internet


European citizens connected to the internet


Discrete logins per online citizen daily


Use cloud services


Use online government systems

eIDAS: One universal login for Europe

Just imagine travelling across Europe and needing a different passport in every country. The idea seems absurd.

Yet, in the electronic world, that’s exactly what it’s like. Before you can access an online service in another country, you’ve got to apply for a local login token. But not for much longer. When eIDAS comes in, any EU citizen will be able to use their own country’s login system to access public services in other member states.

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