Customer cases

Connectis products fulfil a critical role within the it infrastructure of organisations, including Menzis, de Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands), Achmea, VECOZO, Wolters Kluwer, the Dutch Ministry of Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, dozens of municipalities and an increasing number of service providers in the private sector.

How our customers experience working together with Connectis:

Practical experience municipality

Digitisation keeps me occupied all day. Our municipality has made tremendous progress. The improved service level has given more control to citizens and businesses in our community. Being a hotspot for expats, participating as a front-runner for eIDAS was quickly decided upon. Currently expats represent around 20% of all users requesting our services. They settle down in Wassenaar because of the excellent schooling options for children as well as its convenient location near different business areas. Our municipality wants to ensure they experience the same convenience in contact with us.

Currently, foreign users not having a Dutch eID have to visit our municipality on a regular basis. It often involves frequent contact through expat agencies. Service required are for instance: registering as a resident, moving abroad or requesting an extract from the Basic Registration System (BRP). We are focused on offering non-Dutch speakers the same services as native speakers. Therefore we have translated our services and e-forms in the English language. Depending on the technical and legal requirements, I would like to see our municipality offering guarantee declarations to users with an European eID as well. In order to expand the number of online public services to foreign users, we need to work together with the Dutch ministries to set the right requirements.

DigiD authentication VGZ

VGZ Cooperative is one of the largest health insurance firms in the Netherlands with over 4.2 million customers and net sales of EUR 10.9 billion (2017).

Authentication using DigiD was realized together with Connectis, allowing VGZ customers to log in safely within their own personal environment.

Municipalities go live with eHerkenning

The collaboration alliance Dimpact developed the digital ‘Bedrijvenloket’ (Business Desk).

Businesses use this service to log in using eHerkenning and, as a result, can easily do online business with the municipality.

With our help, the municipality of Zwolle was one of the first municipalities in the Netherlands to launch eHerkenning.

Business Desk at Municipality of Coevorden connected

As part of the push to achieve an optimal service level, the municipality of Coevorden now makes use of eHerkennning.

We connected the municipality of Coevorden to the eHerkenning network as part of the collaboration with Dimpact.

Provinces use eHerkenning for fireworks approval

Together with our partner iWelcome, we realised the connection of the IPO (Association of the Provinces of the Netherlands) to eHerkenning.

For this purpose, Connectis developed a ASP.NET application based on its .NET-adapter, allowing the supplier of IPO to easily connect its customers to eHerkenning.