Easy, secure customer access to your online services?

With the Connectis Identity Broker, your users can easily log in to your environment using DigiD, eIDAS, eHerkenning and/or other identity providers. More information


Connectis Identity Broker

Online customer access to your services. The Connectis Identity Broker acts as a central hub, connecting your online services with a variety of identity providers to make identity management simple. Our broker unlocks secure logins and increased assurance regarding your users' identities.

With the Connectis Identity Broker, your customers can log in easily and securely using their preferred online ID system. Our Identity Broker is therefore the IDaaS solution for your organisation.

Discover the benefits of the Connectis Identity Broker

GDPR compliant

Online logins have to meet strict security standards and requirements. With the Connectis Identity Broker, you’re assured of service access that always meets the latest legal data protection rules, such the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data remains on Dutch territory and is covered by Dutch and European law.

The Connectis Identity Broker ensures that the requirements of the applicable regulatory regimes are met, so that you aren’t under constant pressure to keep your legal knowledge fresh.

With the Connectis Identity Broker, you’re sure of being fully compliant at all times.

Focus on doing what you do best

The Connectis Identity Broker facilitates the service provider login process, enabling you to focus on your core business. Valuable time and energy doesn’t then have to be invested in setting up connections and managing login systems. Because the Connectis Identity Broker is ‘software as a service’. You can utilise our SaaS with any environment you choose, including private systems and public cloud-based services.

The Connectis Identity Broker delivers fast, stable and secure 24/7 access to your online services.

Ready for eIDAS

From 29 September 2018, all public and semi-public organisations are obliged to enable eIDAS access to their online services. Then all EU citizens and enterprises will be able to access services in other countries using their own member state’s eID.
The Connectis Identity Broker is an accredited eID broker by the Dutch national government, and satisfies the relevant European legal requirements. By implementing the Identity Broker,
your organisation is eIDAS-compliant.

User-friendly and secure

With the Connectis Identity Broker, your users can log in with their chosen eID, without having to remember separate service-specific logins. The add-on MyOwnIDP makes it possible to create a secure account with user name and password. Each user creates their own central login with their own settings. That means they’re able to use the latest and best eIDs, where and when they like.

Account linking lets the user connect their various eID’s, such as Idin and Google. Any of the linked profiles can then be used to log in.

The Connectis Identity Broker combines convenience and security.

Easy interfacing

With our adapters and protocols, any service can interface with the Connectis Identity Broker. The Connectis Identity Broker is compatible with all popular platforms.

It works smoothly with international protocols such as SAML 2.0 and Open ID Connect. And adapters are available in Java and .NET. An API is used to communicate with the adapters, therefore it’s not necessary to implement one of the protocols.

Providing transparency

Transparency is central to the Connectis Identity Broker. In our specially designed environment, attributes can be saved and organised to give your customers increased control over their own profiles. The user can always see online what data is being shared during the login process.


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