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At Connectis, trust and security are paramount. Our general terms and conditions and terms of use describe the mutual rights and obligations that are essential for a secure partnership. This makes online business cheaper, easier and safer. 

General Terms & Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services; they describe the agreements between Connectis and the organisation you work for.


The liability of Connectis is never higher than the amount covered by its professional liability insurance. You can read the terms and conditions of our insurance below.

Terms of Use (Dutch)

The Connectis Terms of Use always apply when you make use of our software. You can download the Connectis Terms of Use here.

Terms of Use eRecognition

The Terms of Use eHerkenning were drawn up by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. You must first accept these Terms before you can make use of the eHerkenning network.

Privacy & Cookies

Connected Information Systems B.V. considers privacy and handling of personal data of utmost importance. We process personal data in a secure and careful manner. We comply fully with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act.

Privacy statement

In our privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect from you and how we use this. (in Dutch)

Cookie statement

Our cookie statement explains which browser cookies we use and why.


Connected Information Systems B.V. (Dutch Chamber of Commerce 24444001), hereafter called Connectis, hereby grants you access to and invites you to consult the materials offered thereon. Connectis reserves the right to change the content at any time or to remove any part thereof without separate notice.

We state that the documents on this page are translations of the original Dutch documents. In case of any conflict, discrepancy or matter of interpretation, the Dutch versions shall prevail.


Limitation of liability

Connectis uses its best efforts to keep up to date and complete as much as possible. Despite our attention and care, content may be inaccurate or incomplete.

In particular, all prices are with reservation of typing or programming mistakes. No liability is accepted for any such mistakes. No agreement shall be formed on the basis of such mistakes.



All intellectual property rights regarding these materials are and remain with Connectis and its licensors. No copying, distribution or any other use of these materials is permitted without the prior express written permission of Connectis, except and to the extent permitted by mandatory law (such as fair use or quotation rights) unless explicitly indicated with particular materials.



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